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Baxter Bison Ranch sells butchered bison freezer packs in BC. Customer pays delivery costs or has option to pick up at Rainer meats, Darfield, BC

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Our Bison Meat is a Healthy Choice

All of our animals are pasture-raised, certified animal welfare approved, certified grass-fed, and grass finished without any antibiotics or hormones.

Why buy in bulk?

Bulk bison meat is available in the form of a whole or one-half portions by advanced special order. By arrangements, special bulk packages may also be arranged such as quarter portions.

When should I order?

We recommend that you reserve your animal early in the season or we may be out of stock for the year. Our regular customers, restaurants and grocery stores take precedence. Whole animals are sold on a first-come basis. Remember that this takes time and we can’t just whip another one up for you on the spot. Make your arrangements as early as possible.

How should I order?

You first need to contact us. We recommend that you visit our farm in person to make your arrangements to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

When can I get my meat?

Butchering is usually October thru December — so it is important to reserve your bison early to insure we have sufficient meat and/or animals to accommodate you. Although we will slaughter animals at other times of the year by special order, we find October–December to be the best time to harvest grass-fed and finished animals — after they have been feeding on nutritious lush green pasture for several months.

How much meat can I expect from a whole bison?

Bison are processed and cut a little different than beef for a variety of reasons. Bison have an extra rib and you cannot get a hump roast off a beef cow. From the processed meat, about 17% will be steaks, 55% will be ground bison, 25% will be roasts (which can also be ground stew meat if roasts are not desired), and 3% will be other (short ribs and ox tail).

If you choose standard processing and cuts, you can expect to get approximately the following cuts and quantities (Halves would get proportionately less of the below amounts):

  • Tenderloin steaks — approx. 5–7 lbs.
  • Strip loin steaks — approx. 15–18 lbs.
  • Rib loin steaks — approx. 15–18 lbs.
  • Sirloin Steaks — approx. 15–20 lbs.
  • Chuck Roast — approx. 35–45 lbs.
  • Brisket — approx. 3–4 lbs.
  • Back and Short Ribs — approx. 14–16 lbs.
  • Stew Meat — approx. 20 lbs.
  • Ground Burger — approx. 120–140 lbs.
  • Patties — approx. 120–140 lbs.

This will require approximately 8–10 cu. ft. of freezer space.

Bison Cuts

Bison Cuts — National Bison Association

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